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Installation Project Supervisor

Posted September 11, 2015
Project Supervisor: This is a position of leadership with the company. To lead the crews, by example, guide them in the customer service aspect of our business to ensure our jobs are being accomplished over and above our customer’s expectations. This position requires solid construction and building knowledge as well as window and door installation experience.
We need to be results driven, and always looking to upgrade our installation crews. We need to be constantly recruiting talented Installers, and looking for the next great install crew. This will be part of your mission daily, as well as the duties listed below.
Start:On the Dock to ensure crews are picking up and in route timely to meet our customer expectations.
Be on as many active jobs as possible, daily to ensure proper expectations are being met and to actively identify crew training issues.
Be actively involved in all recovery issues daily.
Make sure all recovery issues are 100% accurate and scopes are clear.
Make sure all recovery PO are sent to the Recovery Coordinator and to the Recovery Manager daily.
Make sure all Crew progress is reported daily and fill out your daily Active Install & PO Report.
Document any discussions, decisions, or anything that relates to customer service in Sales Logics daily.
Clear Communication both internally and externally.
Daily Report to the Installation Manager.
Salary: Depends on Experience, Company Vehicle