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Preparing for Winter Weather with Replacement Doors and Windows in Birmingham, AL

Preparing for Winter Weather with Replacement Doors and Windows in Birmingham, AL

Chilly months in Birmingham can bring about circumstances that can make our replacement doors and windows work a lot more than they should have to. That’s why we’ve assembled a couple checks that you can take care of now to help prepare your home for the rest of the season. 

  • Buy a new front door: Drafty doors can mean an uptick in your monthly expenses and a less than comfortable home. Replacement doors might help you increase your energy efficiency and help safeguard your home from the weather in Birmingham.

  • Complete an energy audit: An energy audit may seem a tad intimidating, but it’s as basic as walking around your home and making sure that all of your doors and windows are functioning appropriately. Look at the the weather stripping and caulking, as leaky doors and windows can mean a hit in your home’s energy efficiency and an uptick in your monthly energy bills.

  • Exchange old windows: Whether it’s because they’re simply old or if it’s because they’re only made with single-pane glass, you could save more than you’d think by switching out your old windows out with newer, more efficient windows. Replacement windows that have double-pane or triple-pane glass have better overall efficiency and could help you save for years to come.

Winter weather in Birmingham can switch things up rapidly, which is why it’s important to be ready and have your home prepped for anything that gets tossed your way. Replacement doors and windows can play a huge role in helping to keep your homes comfortable and efficient. If you’d like to hear more about the replacement doors offered in Birmingham, come by the Pella Windows and Doors showroom. Or if you’d rather, give us a call at 877-680-9617 or arrange an in-home consultation with us via the online scheduler.

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