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DIY Window Installation Troubleshooting in Birmingham, AL

DIY Window Installation Troubleshooting in Birmingham, AL

Your satisfaction with your Pella windows and doors is our priority. Should you find a problem with your Pella product that you think might be related to the window’s installation, trying the following steps may help determine if the product is installed level, square and plumb.

First, get a level and set it on the frame of the product, across the bottom or sill. Do not put it on the sashes or panels of the product because it may produce an inaccurate reading. The bubble of your level should rest in the center, signifying the product is installed level.

Next, examine plumb of your window or door. Plumb means the window or door is straight down or up, vertically. To test for plumb, put your level on the two vertical side jambs on the exterior face to ensure the product is plumb from the inside out. Next, you’ll check for plumb from left to right by placing the level on each side. The bubble should fall in the center on both sides, representing that the product is installed plumb.

When you finish checking plumb, you can examine for bowing by measuring the unit horizontally across the top, middle and bottom. The three measurements should all be equal, plus or minus one eighth of an inch. It’s critical to always measure to and from a common point on both sides for consistency. After this, determind if your window or door is square by measuring from one corner to the other in an X fashion on the outside of the product. The measurements should be within 1/8 inch of each other for the product to be installed square.

You could also examine the reveal, where the sash meets the frame. The gap should look the same from top to bottom and left to right. All sides of your product should appear the same, signifying the product is installed level, square, and plumb.

Taking the time to do a little troubleshooting on your own can present helpful information to fix a problem. If you find that you have found one, or even a couple, of these issues, stop by the Pella Window and Door Showroom in Birmingham or give us a call at 877-680-9617.

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